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Graviola is a small evergreen tree. Its taste is the combination of strawberry and pineapple, with sour citrus flavor. It has different names in different languages. Medicines are made by leaves, shoot, seed as well as fruit.
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  • Introduction

  • Graviola is a small evergreen tree. Its taste is the combination of strawberry and pineapple, with sour citrus flavor. It has different names in different languages. Medicines are made by leaves, shoot, seed as well as fruit.

  • The soursop is modified to zones of high moisture and somewhat warm winters; temperatures lower 5 °C will cause harm to leaves and small stems, and temperatures lower 3° C can be disastrous. Soursop fruit becomes parched. It is no lengthier righteous for concentrate.

  • Soil

  • Best development is attained in profound, rich, well-drained, semi-dry soil, while the soursop tree can be and is generally full-grown in acid and grimy soil, and in the spongy, oolitic sandstone of South Florida as well as the Bahama Islands.

  • Soursop Fruit of Health Benefits

  • • B vitamins, vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, protein and healthy fats and carbohydrates are present in soursop fruit.

  • • It is cholesterol free.

  • • It has a low calorie.

  • • You can use it as a perfect snack. You can add soursop fruit as a sweet in dessert.

  • • It is useful for the treatment of skin problems.

  • • It is useful to treat vomiting.

  • • It is useful for skin for arthritis.

  • Cooking Uses for Soursop Fruit

  • • Many people use it as a juice.

  • • It is use in dessert as a sweet.

  • • Soursop cheese cake takes a uniquely delightful taste and texture and it is used in home-produced ice creams.

  • • Conventionally, soursop is basically cut into pieces and the white pulp consumed with the black seeds. A fairly spongy fruit, a lot of people like better to drink pressed and cooled soursop juice. Now, Soursop is grown-up in steamy areas of Australia.

  • Benefits of Soursop Leaves

  • Maximum people just takings benefit of soursop fruit, not several persons eat the leaves. However soursop leaves has many advantages for humans once consumed. One most important benefit is that it kills the cancer.

  • Cancer Cures

  • The most important property is that it kills cancer cells ten thousand times more effective than chemotherapy; it only kills the cancer cells, not healthy cell. In this patient does not bear the side effect of chemotherapy. Soursop defends your immune system and keeps away from fatal illness. You feel stronger and active during the treatment. Soursop improves your power and it also improves your view on life. It efficiently target and eradicate malignant cells in twelve kinds of cancer, as well as “colon cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and pancreatic cancer”.

  • Health Benefits of Soursop Tea

  • Soursop is a dominant fruit well-known as graviola with a good medical significance. Soursop tea is an energy drink. Soursop tea can cure many health illnesses. It is use as natural medications for various health problems. It is advantageous for whole health of an individual. Research showed that soursop tea is good for cancer and it also controls the spread of this disease.

  • • Taking a mug of soursop tea supports in provided that numerous health welfares. You can use taken it any time either morning or evening. Its leaves and fruits too help as medications for treating several illnesses.

  • • Soursop tea is useful in fighting against cancer producing cell which enter the body by many sources. These agents cause intense split of cells leading to cancer.

  • • It is helpful in remedial liver complications, urethritis and hematuria

  • • Soursop has rich quantities of antioxidants similar to flavonoids. They benefit in combat against the free radicals in the body and so prevent the beginning of numerous illnesses.

  • • It is useful for condition of indigestion, diarrhea and various other abdominal illnesses

  • • It is beneficial for digestive system

  • • It is useful in assimilation of food.

  • • It is also useful for gall bladder illnesses

  • • It is useful for those individual which bear calcium deficiency.

  • • Soursop tea has large amount of calcium c. So , it is useful cold and influenza, cough as well as clogged nose

  • • Soursop tea helps in cleansing blood and removes poisons from the body.

  • • It is useful for clear skin, acne, scare and other skin illnesses

  • • It stimulates earlier curing of wounds.

  • Other Uses of Soursop

  • Fruit: The fruit is used as attraction in fish catch in the Virgin Islands.

  • Leaves: Its leaf decoction is poisonous to head lice and fleas.

  • Seeds: When powdered, soursop seeds are useful insect killer against head lice. Soursop seeds oil kill the head lice.

  • Bark: The bark of the soursop tree is used in tanning. The bark thread is tough but, since fruiting trees are not consumable, it use only for necessity. Bark and its spores and roots, has been used such as fish disastrous.

  • Wood: The wood is soft, scented, flexible, light in weight and not tough. It is useful for ox yokes for the reason that it does not cause hair loss on the neck.

  • Important Note: The articles presented are provided by third party authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of They should not be considered as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

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