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Articles >> Shape Your Body articles > Shape Your Body – Week 2

Shape Your Body – Week 2

Shape Your Body – Week 2
Detox part 2, we talk about calorie counting, servings of each food type, how to develop a healthier lifestyle and how to develop lighter eating habits, as well as skin brushing and exercise.
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  • Following your detox week, you should feel energized; your skin is looking better and you’re ready to focus on losing weight through improved diet and exercise. Make sure on 7th, 8th, 9th day you re-introduce foods that you haven’t had such as chicken, bread dairy products and red meat that you do with a gap of one day.

  • Getting Started

  • Week 2 is all about learning how to make the right food choice and develop healthy eating lifestyle to keep for life. And make sure you exercise THREE times a WEEK!

  • What you need to do:

  • • Revise your eating habits – change your eating habits

  • • Clear your mind set - dieting is not temporary project – it is your way of life for good!

  • • Think positive – healthy lifestyle is for you – lessen chances of your illnesses

  • Getting Started

  • • Clear out kitchen cupboards – take out foods that are high in fat or sugar.

  • • Stock up with healthy low-fat, low-calorie foods instead.

  • Food Diary

  • • Record all the foods and drinks that you consume each day.

  • • Use it to keep record of you daily calorie intake.

  • • Useful to know when your weight doesn’t reduce.

  • Avoid Temptation

  • • Don’t food shop too often as you will be tempted by fresh bakery smells and fattening foods displayed.

  • Balance you diet

  • There are hundreds of diets out there to choose from, however it is not safe too completely cut out all the fats, nor to follow a regime that excludes all carbohydrates, or for example one that allows eating popcorn only. Our bodies need each one of the nutrients that are available in a correct amount to maintain a healthy wellbeing.

  • Crash diets are bad idea as body’s response to a radical reduction of food conserves energy instead and slow doesn’t metabolism as it prepares a period of starvation; resulting in the body storing calories rather than burning.

  • For a Balanced Diet

  • Sugars & Fats: 1 serving

  • Protein & Dairy Foods: 2-3 servings

  • Fruit & Vegetables: 5 servings

  • Starchy Foods: 4-5 servings

  • Protein & Dairy Foods

  • Animals and vegetables both contain protein, choose lean cut meat and low-fat dairy products that will avoid high intake of saturated fat.

  • One serving   =  

  • • 50-75g (2-3oz) meat

  • • 125-150g (4-5oz) fish

  • • 1 egg

  • • 25g (1oz) hard cheese 

  • • 600ml (1 pint) milk or yoghurt

  • • 175-200g (6-7oz) cooked lentils or other pulses

  • Fruit & Vegetables

  • Fruit and vegetables are highly nutritious, providing fibre and carbohydrates as well as some very important vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. It is more nutritional if fruit and vegetables are eaten raw or lightly cooked. Aim to eat FIVE portions a day (excluding potatoes).

  • One serving   =  

  • • 1 medium sized fresh fruit (apple, orange, peach, banana, pear)

  • • 2 small fruits (apricot, plum, kiwi)

  • • 1 slice of large fruit (melon, pineapple, mango)

  • • 1 small bowl of canned fruit in fruit juice)

  • • 1/2 tbsp. of dried fruit

  • • 1 small glass of fresh fruit juice

  • • 1 dessert bowl of salad

  • • About 75g (3oz) fresh or frozen vegetables

  • Starchy Foods

  • Starchy and carbohydrate foods provide major source of energy in our diet. These include cereals (wheat, rye, oats, barley, millet) rice and products made from them (sucha s bread, pasta, noodles, cornmeal and breakfast cereals) as well as potatoes, yams, and other starchy vegetables.

  • One serving =

  • • 1 large slice of bread

  • • 1 medium bowl of pasta or rice

  • • 1 bowl of breakfast cereal

  • • 2 medium potatoes or yams

  • Sugars & Fats

  • Reduce intake of food containing sugar, margarine, butter cooking oils, oil-based salad dressings, ice-cream, chocolate, sweets, soft drinks pastries, or use sparingly.

  • Use sugar in cake or biscuit rather than on its own, to limit its effect on blood sugar levels.

  • The average woman should consume no more than 75g (3oz) of fat per day. To reduce fat intake trim all visible fat of meat and poultry, use low fat dairy products.

  • One serving includes a small amount of spread or cooking fat, or a small sugary item.


  • • Never have more than two courses

  • • Chose low-calorie fruit dish instead of starter of dessert

  • • Don’t fill up on bread while waiting for main course

  • • Choose tomato-based sauces over creamy over creamy or cheesy ones.

  • • Opt for jacket or boiled new potatoes rather than chips or sautéed potatoes.

  • • Avoid deep-fried or battered dishes

  • • Order chargrilled, baked or steamed foods

  • • Refuse second helpings

  • • Have coffee instead of a heavy pudding

  • • Have plain popcorn in the cinema rather than nuts and crisps.

  • • Avoid nibbling at parties, and eat a healthy snack before you go

  • Lighter Eating Habits

  • Choose a healthier lifestyle - this will be hard for Asian households, especially if you live in a big family, but if you’re the cook you can add less oil, salt and sugar in your foods, and cook in a more healthier way, but it might take a little extra time and effort to convince your beloved family!


  • Calorie Counting

  • If you calculate your daily calorie intake it is possible to lose weight, yet enjoy satisfying meals. Women need to consume between 1200 to 1500 calories daily to lose weight. An intake of less than 1000 calories a day will end up hampering your weight loss and your body will store rather than burn calories.

  • Skin Brushing

  • Giving your body a firm brush all over on a daily will boost your circulation and help break down stored fatty deposits. Skin brushing can effect areas of cellulite and help eliminate toxins from body during detox. The massaging also makes the skin glow as it removes the top dull, dead layer of skin and encourages to cells to regenerate.

  • Use a loafer or a body brush, and on dry skin, start at your feet and start brushing in circular movements up your body, finishing with your face. Brush gently where the skin is thinner, and always brush towards your heart. It will take a few minutes to brush your body, make sure you brush before having a bath, as it will wash away all the dead skin cells.

  • It is best to carry out this skin brushing in the morning as the acceleration of blood flow is invigorating. After a few sessions of brushing, you will find a marked difference in your skin, your skin will be softer and will develop a rosy glow.

  • Exercise

  • You need to exercise, they is no avoiding it, you need to make it part of your life style. Whther you make it a routine to park your car far, or take time to walk in the park, with your kids in pram, or you simply join a gym or start skipping, you need to start!

  • There is NO POINT in dieting if you do not exercise, diet means healthy lifestyle, and if you don’t exercise you won’t be fit enough, and your health will be poor.

  • Please note that we are unable to answer individual weight problems, as it is best to consult a doctor, dietician for the best safest remedy for your problems. May Allah (swt) help you in finding the right cure and prevent you from any illness or worries.

  • Due to overwhelming comments and questions we will try our best to cover your questions in our future articles. Please visit KP-Article section regularly; your answers will be hidden in our archives!

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  1. Thanks for these great tips however i would apperciatte it if you could mention what types of exercises 2 do for weight lose that would be really nice! anyway - thank you very much =D (jazakallah)

    on Mar 14 2010 2:25PM Report Abuse Guest
  2. please urdu main jawab diy karo thanks

    on Mar 11 2010 11:57PM Report Abuse Guest
  3. Very Informative thanks.

    on Mar 9 2010 2:44AM Report Abuse Guest
  4. nice...

    on Mar 8 2010 7:48AM Report Abuse Guest
  5. Excellent article

    on Mar 6 2010 8:21PM Report Abuse Guest
  6. Great tips but do give us a DESI diet plan which include typical pakistani dishes like daal chawal and biryani like dishes as it is super difficult to follow the english diet plan as our taste buds are not used to those dishes

    on Mar 6 2010 5:05PM Report Abuse EEYA

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