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Top Ten Dishes in Dubai

Top Ten Dishes in Dubai
Dubai is the best place to sample all types of Gulf and Middle Eastern Cuisine, including Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic food. The most prominent foods here are starters and salads. The other staple foods here are Matchbous, Esh asaraya, hummus, Ghuzi, tabbouleh and Mehalabiya.
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  • 1)  The Most Astounding Luxury Of Taste!

  • 'Stuffed Camel' is mentioned in Guiness Book Of World Records, as one of the biggest menus. It is in my view a luxury beyond the threshold of luxury. The dish is sometimes taken to be a myth, and has gathered many critical and disbeleiving compliments. However, this so festive, astonishing and delicious roasted camel recipe has served in the bedouin ceremonies, and now has become the gem of occassions in the houses of elite class in dubai. The recipe is a multilayered stuffing of chicken, eggs, fish and sheep in a whole camel. Does it stir multilayered hunger pangs too?! I bet it does!

    2)   Al Harees

  • If ever you have a chance to savor the exotic taste of United Arab Emirates, i genuinely recommend to try once this marvellous food invention! Made after long hours and lengthy preparations, this simple and elegantly delicious food item never misses a place in your taste buds! It is made by mixing a pinch of salt in a pot of wheat then adding meat in it and cooking the whole mixture till everything gains a coherent smoothness of texture and taste. Then the dish is baked for several hours and then served. You can enjoy this recipe as it is, enjoying a simple salty taste and the rich and intermingled flavors of wheat and meat. Or you can make variations of this dish according to your desire, adding things in it that excites your taste buds and adds fuel to the fire of taste!

    3)   Falafel

  • This mouth-watering dish is well known as ta'amia in Middle East and is one of the most popular dishes in Arab East. It also has the reputation of a commonly eaten snack in Israel, and i assure you that once you put it in your mouth, it occupies the throne of taste in your heart too! This recipe in essence is a modified version of French fries, having Arabic colorto the french origin. Usually served as a side dish, this dish is a combination of chickpeas and various spices.

  • 4)   Hummus

  • A well known dip from the Middle Eastern culture. It is made from chickpeas, olive oil, tahini paste, lemon juice, garlic and salt. It is served with pita bread and fulfills the niche for a perfect appetizer or snack. It is also served as a dip with various foods. How can any of us forget the name of 'shawerma' when we mention hummus! Are you feeling the urge to try this dip with shawerma or other foods??? If Yes, then DON'T WAIT ! Try this out and enjoy the unique taste.

    5)   Ghuzi

  • A popular serve in dubai restaurants, it can be counted among the pride holder food items of ubai restaurants. Made from a whole roasted lamb served on top of rice, with vegetables and nuts. If you desire to get a core taste of dubai food and taste, never forget to have a meal of Ghuzi ordered.

  • 6)   Matchbous

  • Another lamb recipe from the exotic food assortment of dubai's cuisine. This dish is made from spiced lamb, tomato, stew and rice. A spicy 'spice' that shares the popularity of this lamb recipe is 'loomi', which is made from ripe limes and salt water. To broaden the spectrum of your taste, you ought to give this recipe a try. And once tried, you would find it hard to resist the temptations of re-ordering it induces.

  • 7)   Shawarma

  • This famous and perhaps the most eaten foods in dubai has gained immense popularity all around Asia too. This dish is made from lamb or chicken meat, accompained with colorful array of vegetables, fries, pickle and garilc sauce. The taste and preparations of this recipe nowadays varies from place to place, however, the graph of its popularity has never displayed a decline! One of the most ordered fruity drink that accompanies this recipe is the strawberry-banana blend.

    8)   Esh asarya

  • Known as The “bread of the harem”, it is a sort of cheese cake with cream topping. With a marvellous taste and melting texture this  dish has a special place in the popular desserts in dubai.

  • 9)   Tabbouleh

  • A genuinely vegetarian version of Arabian Cuisine. This dish is a salad, made from tomatoes, green onions and cucumber and is seasoned with fresh mint and lemon juice. It not only boasts up the health benefits but quenches the hunger in a balanced way. Associated with this recipe are the traditions of UAE and its popularity manifests the integrity of those long passed traditions of taste.

    10)   Mehalabiya

  • This wonderfully refreshing recipe has the sprinkling of rosewater and pistachios. This dish is primarily a pudding and is an all-time favorite dessert liked by allmost all age groups.

    Enjoy thse festive dishes and upgrade the spectrum of your taste with these recipes all the way from Dubai !

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  1. this meal was more than half of the reason as to why I gained 69 kilograms. it made me want to grab a kitchen knife and cut off my tongue. Id much rather swallow a cup of spoilt milk than eat this the second time. xoxo Annabelle.

    on Oct 22 2017 10:49PM Report Abuse ANNABELLE
  2. i hate this. this food is terrible i spit it out as soon as my spoon hit my tastbuds.absolutely atrocious

    on May 16 2017 5:00PM Report Abuse BUSTIN BINEO
  3. I made falafel and it was so yummy and delicious. I would defenily recommend this dish.

    on Oct 25 2016 4:25AM Report Abuse JASMINE NAZIR
  4. amazing food I love it

    on Sep 7 2016 8:35PM Report Abuse SURYA BHUJEL
  5. does anyone eat guinea pigs there then

    on Jan 7 2016 5:45AM Report Abuse Guest
  6. Falafel is not an Israeli dish it is a Palatinian cuisine theirs no such thing as Israel please correct your mistake

    on Dec 29 2015 5:59AM Report Abuse BILAL
  7. nice

    on Dec 17 2015 6:10AM Report Abuse KIMULI EDEN IVAN
  8. I actually hear that they eat lamborghinis, espcially gold ones. This is a very and i mean very common dish in Dubai.

    on Dec 9 2015 7:44AM Report Abuse ALEX GARRESON
  9. 43t5gw5w5

    on Nov 25 2015 9:11AM Report Abuse DXDVWERGL
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    on Apr 20 2015 9:01AM Report Abuse LOL
  12. poop face

    on Apr 15 2015 9:22AM Report Abuse ILOO
  13. This looks very interesting. I really like everything about kitchen stuff from food, tools, and utensils. I have a collection at home. I bought a tool from, is very cheap, works amazingly and it saves me a lot of time.

    on Apr 8 2015 3:28AM Report Abuse KRIS
  14. I really love shawarma, so many versions I tasted. In Dubai there are a lot of course but one of my fave resto for shawarma is at Zahr El-Laymoun (Lebanese Resto) in Dubai. I suggest you try it if you're really into shawarma :D

    on Feb 24 2015 4:00AM Report Abuse KRIS
  15. i tried Al Harees while in Dubai.It simply amazing,tickles the tastebuds....i loved it.

    on Nov 12 2014 2:22AM Report Abuse NORA MWIKALI
  16. heyim so lucky i'm from Dubai and have tried all of these dishes!!some day you can go to dubai it is wonderfull and the weather is sunny and hardly rains!im living in dubai in my collosal house im going to go in my swimming pool so i can swim.hopw u have a great day oh yeah i know the presidant he is realeted to me im his neice byye

    on Oct 29 2014 5:37PM Report Abuse TAKARA
  17. this meal was shit, i made it for my family and it gave us all ebola

    on Oct 23 2014 3:51AM Report Abuse TADHG
  18. i like to learn more about how to cook this delicious food very well..

    on Feb 14 2014 3:31AM Report Abuse SGELLA IMPAS
  19. Hey bbz. I would like to say that I TOTALLY ADORE this fabtaslous food! Thank you so much darling for putting this up! xxx

    on Jun 25 2013 9:43AM Report Abuse LORENZO

    on May 14 2013 5:24AM Report Abuse TROLL
  21. osam yar all dishes

    on May 4 2013 11:08AM Report Abuse MUSKAN
  22. shawerma turkish food not arabic food

    on Apr 7 2013 10:00AM Report Abuse SULEYMAN

    on Jan 14 2013 5:17AM Report Abuse HANNAN
  24. were do i find this recipe?

    on May 1 2011 11:25PM Report Abuse SANDRA

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