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Herbs Specialties

Herbs Specialties
Herbs that are considered as the “Star performers” are the ones, that are used all the time. Either in food or for garnishing purpose.
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  • Herbs that are considered as the “Star performers” are the ones, that are used all the time. Either in food or for garnishing purpose.

  • They are namely, coriander, mint, basil, bay celery, cilantro, parsley, dill, thyme, lemon-thyme, marjoram, rosemary, onion, oregano, fennel, ginger etc, etc.

  • Now question arises why we use them in food? They answer is very simple, they add flavor to the food, improve its taste and quality, if used, for garnishing purpose and they also make the food digestive, as the herbs supply certain amount of minerals and vitamins for healthy eating and rapid digestion. Some herbs add such a colour to the food with fragrance that the food seem very appetizing.

  • Herbs bring a dish to life. For example ‘Sage’ works wonders on roasted potatoes, spearmint on burger, basil on mozzarella cheese.

  • The strong, sweet flavor of basil is so effective that a plain tomato salad needs no other compliment.

  • Lemon balm brings a sweet scented freshness to a salad of early summer leaves.

  • Herbs are also for health. Those who want to cut back their salt, will find that certain strong-flavoured herbs if crushed into a salad dish makes a delicious replacement for salt. If you do not like the smell of garlic, then chew leaves of parsley or cilantro to cleanse your palate. Parsley contains significant amounts of calcium, vitamin C and vitamin A, the precursor of beta-carotene.

  • Herb Flavoured Oil: These oils are very delicious in taste and are often used in Bar-B-Qs, to enhance the flavor of the snacks.

  • Herbs that infuse oil well include Thyme, basil, fennel, dill (leaves and seeds), rosemary and marjoram alongwith garlic. The flavor is greatly stronger if you add cloves to these ingredients.
    Note: All these blended together produce oil.

  • Method of Herbal Oil Preparation: Take a clear, attractive bottle with stopper. Extra virgin olive oil to nearly filled herbs bottle.

  • 1-4 sprigs of chosen herbs.
    1-4 garlic cloves, crushed lightly.
    1-5 dried chili pepper.
    Handful of spice seeds.

  • Pour the oil into the bottle. Add herbs sprigs, garlic cloves, chili and spice seeds to taste. Screw on a lid or cork the bottle. Use within a couple of day. It’s better to prepare these oils, when you want to use them in Bar-B-Q or steak etc.

  • Herbs Flavoured Vinegar: Herbs combine well with vinegar, adding a delicious flavor. Thyme, bay, marjoram, fennel, dill, rosemary, etc. blue berries, cranberries and elderberries will add colour as well as flavor to red or white vinegar.

  • It bottles of vinegar containing herbs and spices are placed on a sunny window sill or outside in the sun for the first month after bottling, then more flavour will be added to the vinegar.

  • Ingredients and Method

    1- Take clean, attractive bottles with stopper, white or red vinegar to nearly fill chosen bottle.
    2- 1-4 sprigs of chosen herbs.
    3- 1-3 garlic cloves, crushed.
    4- Handful of spices.

  • Pour the vinegar into the bottle. Add herb sprigs, garlic and spices to taste. If you prefer a strong flavor then pour warm (not boiling) vinegar over the herbs first, then funnel all into the bottle. Do not use a bottle. Do not use a bottle with a metal cap as the vinegar with a metal cap as the vinegar will react against it and turn black.

    This vinegar can also be poured on salad leaves to enhance their flavor. Olive oil is best herbal oil for tender salads.

  • Important Note: The articles presented are provided by third party authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of They should not be considered as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

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