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Fruits and Vegetable Carving

Fruits and Vegetable Carving
We give you great tips on how to create those wonderful creative garnishes that chefs always like to present with their dishes!
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  • We give you great tips on how to create those wonderful creative garnishes that chefs always like to present with their dishes!

  • Specific preparations and treatments

  • 1. Tomatoes should be soaked in a mixture of lime juice and water to prevent browning.

  • 2. Shallots & onions should be soaked in water before being peeled & carved to reduce irritation of the eyes.

  • 3. Taro should be washed thoroughly before being peeled. If washed after peeling, a slime is released which causes itching.

  • 4. Carrots should not be soaked in water before carving as this will make the flesh tougher and more difficult to carve.

  • 5. Beets should be washed in water to which a little salt has been added. This will reduce loss of color. Also, if left standing, beets will blacken, so they should be kept moist by spraying them with water regularly.

  • 6. Potatoes should be washed with water after peeling to remove the sap and then washed again after carving. This will help prevent browning.

  • 7. Apples should be soaked in mixture of lime juice and water before being peeled to prevent browning.

  • 8. Cantaloupes should be washed before carving. While carving, avoid letting water come into contact with the fruit because it will lose its taste and spoil more quickly.

  • 9. Yam bean tubers should be soaked too long after carving, will yellow.

  • Storing carved fruits and vegetables

  • 1. After carving, fruits and vegetables should be placed in ice cold water so the petals of flower designs are firm and spread beautifully.

  • 2. Carved fruits and vegetables should not be left in water as this will cause petals to become discolored and to spoil.

  • 3. Each type of carved fruit should be kept separately. This will prevent loss of all your work in the event that one type spoils.

  • 4. Store carved fruits and vegetables by putting them in containers and placing in a refrigerator, or if no refrigerator is available, by covering them with a damp piece of thin white cloth and putting them in a place protected from drafts so they do not dry and wilt.

  • 5. After carving, pumpkin should be dipped in water and removed right away. If left in water, flower petal designs will become bruised.

  • Watermelon Basket Carving

  • Perfect for a summer picnic, this Watermelon Fruit Basket is carved from a watermelon into the shape of a dolphin. Kids will love to help draw the pattern on the watermelon rind and make the melon balls with the help of a melon scoop. Refrigerate until serving time, when you can sit back and enjoy the compliments.

  • Materials

  • • One small watermelon

  • • Sharp-pointed knife

  • • Carving knife

  • • Melon scoop

  • Preparation

  • 1. Choose an elongated watermelon.

  • 2. Lightly draw a dolphin on the rind of the watermelon as in the picture with a sharp point.

  • 3. Cut along the lines carefully with the knife and then gently cut away the rind.

  • 4. With a melon scoop, make the flesh into watermelon balls and set aside in a dish. Remove any remaining flesh so the interior is clean and white.

  • 5. Cut triangles through the rind to represent the eyes, and in the edges, cut notches for the eyelashes.

  • 6. Cut a crescent for the mouth, and then notch the upper border of the rind all around except at the tail.

  • 7. Arrange the watermelon and cantaloupe balls attractively in the dolphin-shaped bowl.

  • Apple Leaf

  • Material: 

  • Two red or green apples

  • Equipment:

  • Sharp pointed knife, carving knife

  • Instructions:

  • 1. Wash the apples.

  • 2. Cut a wedged-shape slice as in the picture.

  • 3. Trim away any of the core, leaving the flesh and skin.

  • 4. With the carving knife, cut the slice to the shape of a leaf.

  • 5. With the tip of the knife, make curving grooves in the skin to represent the veins of the leaf. Work from the base of the leaf to the tip.

  • 6. Cut notches along the edges of the leaf.

  • Simple White Lotus Cucumber Garnish

  • Material:

  • One long cucumber and 1 carrot

  • Equipment:

  • Sharp pointed knife and carving knife

  • Instructions:

  • 1. Wash the cucumbers. Cut into 3 sections.

  • 2. Divide the circumference of each into 8 equal parts and then make cuts about 3mm deep between each part down the length of the section.

  • 3. Slice beneath each part down the length almost to the base to separate it from the flesh, thus forming the eight outer petals.

  • 4. Trim the flesh to remove ridges and then divide into 8 parts as before to make the inner ring of petals. These should be centred between those of the outer ring.

  • 5. Remove the core of the cucumber, trim each petal so it tapers to a point, and then insert the centre of the flower.

  • 6. For the centre, use 1/4" thick disk cut from a small carrot. Cut small grooves in a crisscross pattern on one face, and place up in the lotus flower.

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