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Green Leafy Herbs

Green Leafy Herbs
Green leafy herbs have been in use for centuries for their aroma, flavor and digestive properties. A dash of chopped green leafy herb can add a nice aromatic flavor to your favorite recipe.
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  • Green leafy herbs have been in use for centuries for their aroma, flavor and digestive properties. A dash of chopped green leafy herb can add a nice aromatic flavor to your favorite recipe. Whether it’s a soup, salad, sauce, roasted or grilled meat and vegetables, curries, rice and noodles or even a drink, a green leafy herb can truly lift up the flavor, appearance and of course aroma. It’s amazing how a little green leafy herb can be 3 dimensional. That excites and pleases our eyes, nose and taste-buds.

  • Green leafy herbs can be used fresh, dry or frozen. It completely depends on convenience and availability. No doubt, fresh herbs taste best, but dry and frozen herbs fulfill their purpose too. You can easily plant your own herbs in your garden or flower pots. But if you don’t have enough space or time to look after the plants, you can always stock your favorite herbs in dry and frozen form.

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  • Fresh green coriander is one of the most commonly used herb in South Asian and Chinese cuisine. Coriander has a fresh flavor and it looks like flat leaf parsley, only lighter. Coriander stems have more flavor than leaves. Dry coriander seeds are used as spice coriander. Coriander is most commonly used in curries and gravies. Coriander is usually added in the end as the last ingredient because heat can impair its flavor. Coriander is also used in basic South Asian dips and chutneys. Coriander can easily be grown at home in a pot. Just remember to keep the coriander plant out of rain and don’t water it that frequently. Coriander leaves turn bitter when plant flowers.

  • Recommended Recipe - Coriander Mint And Coconut Chutney


  • Highly aromatic and flavorful basil leaves are most commonly used in Italian cuisine. Basil has an aromatic and spicy pepper like flavor. Basil is one of the main ingredients of popular Italian sauce “Pesto”. Basil goes great with pasta, salad and cheese. Just remember to add it as the last ingredient to enjoy its rich flavor and aroma. You can easily plant basil in a pot to enjoy it fresh.

  • Recommended Recipe - Basil Chicken Thai Dish  -or-  Macaroni Corn Tomato And Basil Salad


  • There are two types of parsley; flat leaf parsley and curly parsley. Flat leaf parsley has a stronger taste and aroma than curly parsley. Parsley has a fresh peppery flavor Parsley is the most popular herb in the world. Parsley is considered to be basic seasoning herb in a number of cuisines like Arabian, Italian, American, English and French cuisine. Parsley goes great with potatoes, pasta and is great for garnishing. Parsley can easily be grown in your home garden. Parsley is also known as a breath freshener.

  • Recommended Recipe - Egyptian Lemon Chicken With Parsley


  • Curry leaves are probably the most aromatic herb because you can smell its aroma when you pick a stem from its branch or a leave from the stem. Curry leaves are commonly used in Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan cuisine. Curry leaves has a strong crusty flavor that gives the whole meal a new taste and aroma. Unlike most herbs, curry leaves are used cooked because they infuse more aroma and flavor when exposed to heat. Curry leaves are used in lentils, rice, curries, chutneys and vegetables. Curry leaves grow on tree. You can plant your own tree if you have space or you can use dry curry leaves. Dry curry leaves has a rich flavor and aroma too.

  • Recommended Recipe – Tomato Chutney With Curry Leaves


  • Rosemary has a wonderful pungent aroma with light flowery notes and a crusty pine like flavor. Rosemary is most commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine. Rosemary is best used in marinades and prolonged cooking because heat doesn’t impairs its flavor. Rosemary is great for flavoring chicken, lamb, fish and other meats. A little rosemary goes a long way, so use it wisely without overpowering your meal. Rosemary is an every green plant. Plant it in a pot and enjoy fresh taste of rosemary in your food and beautiful aroma of rosemary flowers in your room.

  • Recommended Recipe – White Bean Mash With Rosemary And Garlic  -or-  Chicken With Lemon And Rosemary Sauce


  • Green, feathery and sweet grassy flavored dill herb is cherished more for its health benefits. Dill is more commonly used in Mediterranean and Eastern European cuisine. Dill is best used to pickle vegetables, season fish, dips and sauces, flavor potatoes and eggs. Dill is a seasonal herb. Enjoy it till season lasts.

  • Recommended Recipe - Dill Sauce  -or-  Potato And Dill Salad


  • Chives herb is the smallest species of edible onion. Chives are thin, long and grass like. Chives have a pepper and light onion like flavor. Garlic chives have a stronger flavor. Chives are most commonly used in Chinese and Mediterranean cuisine. Chives are best used in soups, eggs and with vegetables. Chives can easily be grown in a garden. Plotting chives in your garden will benefit your garden as much as your food.

  • Recommended Recipe – Baked Mushrooms With Chives


  • Rough and dark green mint leaves are cultivated all over the world for flavoring, medical and beauty uses. Mint has a cool and energizing bright flavor. Mint is most commonly used in hot and cold beverages, dips and sauces and salads. Mint can easily be grown in pots at home.

  • Recommended Recipe - Mint Lemon Grass Tea  -or-  Minty Strawberry Dip

  • BAY

  • Long and thick bay leaves have a light citrusy taste and aroma. Bay leaves are commonly used in Mediterranean, Turkish and South Asian cooking. Bay leaves are great for prolonged cooking, for that they are best used in stews, stocks and pickles. Bay leaves grow on tree. You can plant your own tree if you have space or you can use dry bay leaves.

  • Recommended Recipe - Diet Tea


  • Oregano is more popularly known as “Pizza Spice”. Yes, its oregano that gives pizza its distinguished flavor. Oregano has a pungent flavor and aroma. Oregano is most commonly used in Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine. Oregano tastes best with cheese and tomatoes. Oregano can easily be grown in pots and dried to use in off season.

  • Recommended Recipe - Italian Bruschetta With Oregano


  • Thyme is a warming herb with a warm, bright and citrusy flavor. Thyme is one of the basic herbs and is popular for its antiseptic properties. Tiny thyme leaves are great for prolonged cooking. Thyme is commonly used in flavoring meats for grilling and roasting. Thyme grows easily in pots, but requires dry and sunny conditions.

  • Recommended Recipe - Lebanese Chicken With Thyme

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