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Articles >> Shape Your Body articles > Shape Your Body - Week 1

Shape Your Body - Week 1

Shape Your Body - Week 1
Detox is a very good way to start of nourishing, cleansing your body and controlling your diet. I myself have personally have changed my bad eating habits by following this detox weight loss program. In the coming two issues of Newsletters we bring you a 4 week plan, this week we will only give you an introduction about detox which is very informative and should not be missed and will give you WEEK 1 of this diet plan. Be sure not to miss the next issue.
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  • DETOX - Through bad eating habits we often overeat, and loose nutritional value through processing, and is packed full of fat, sugar and additives. When we give our body such toxins, alcohol and caffeine it makes our body think that these foods are harmless; it leaves less energy for the everyday processes of cleansing, healing and renewal. Over time, the body cannot keep up the pace, strain on the over-worked liver and kidneys shows and the body’s performance slows down.

  • The detox diet will obstain you from overloading your body with harmful foods, and gives you plenty of right nutrients to speed up elimination of toxins and unwanted waste, promoting cell renewal.

  • To detox you must stop smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and over-the-counter drugs (check with your Dr).

  • This detox diet is for a normal healthy adult, be sure to follow this diet closely, any shortcuts or mistakes could result in upset bowel system; consult your doctor before too.

  • The first few days of a detox diet can be very testing, but persevere and within a few days you will feel energized and your skin will glow!

  • Water is the best way to flush out all those toxins in your system, and keeps your body in top condition

  • WEEK 1

  • Day 1: Fluids only

  • Drink as much water as possible with lemon slices if desired.

  • Make your own fresh fruit and vegetable juices that will provide lots nutrients for your body.

  • Unsweetened herbal or spice teas are very good detoxifiers or circulatory stimulants.

  • Broth is another option, made from clean, fresh organic vegetables simmered in water, the liquid strained and the vegetables discarded.

  • Day 2: Liquid and fruit only

  • Fruits will help to neutralize acidic waste that is produced when you begin to detoxify. With high fibre content it will help shift around 3-4kg of decayed material in the intestines.

  • Try and eat a variety of fruit, and don’t forget to keep the fluids up as well.

  • Day 3: Add raw vegetables only

  • Vegetables contain similar properties to fruits.

  • Try including bean sprouts which have extra nutritional content and raw garlic that is an excellent blood cleanser

  • Day 4: Add cooked vegetables and brown rice

  • Steaming and stir-frying are the best methods to cook fresh vegetables, but if you do boil vegetables then make sure it’s in very little water and for a short time only to retain maximum nutritious value.

  • Make sure the rice is brown-short grain, it will soak up toxins from the gut and is easiest to digest, and contains most fibre.

  • Spices that will help stimulate digestion and encourage elimination of toxins through your skin are cayenne pepper and ginger.

  • Day 5: Add beans, lentils, nuts and seeds

  • Beans and lentils are an excellent source of protein, but at this stage of the detox do not eat beans and lentils with rice, as mixing starchy carbohydrates and proteins can slow down the digestive system. Leave about 4 hours between both food types. Eat raw unsalted nuts.

  • Day 6: Add grains and live yoghurt

  • Use yoghurt that has come from goats or sheep’s milk, rather than cow’s milk since it is easier to digest. The grains should always be whole grains, which provide fibre to help move wastes through the intestines and trace minerals useful for liver function. Choose from rye, buckwheat, barley or oats – anything but wheat. All help to deliver a slow and steady supply of glucose into the blood, enabling the liver to build up a supply of glycogen, which it needs to carry out its detox functions effectively as well as to deliver sugar into the blood for emergency energy.

  • Day 7: Add fish

  • Oily fish such as sardines, tuna and salmon have EFAs that will benefit your skin.

  • At this stage you should feel relaxed and in more control and not rush to eat foods that you have missed and relaxed.

  • Day 8 and onwards

  • Introduce remaining food types slowly, at least a day in between. Add dairy products and meat slowly as its high in saturated fats that slow down the digestive system. Add wheat last since introducing complex foods too quickly will cause digestive problems.

  • Top detox foods: Apples, beetroot, brown short-grain rice, cayenne pepper, garlic, ginger, leafy green vegetables, leeks, parsley, onions, grapes, mango, pineapple, watercress, watermelon, strawberries, fennel.

  • Exercise

  • In women excess body fat is stored usually around the thighs and hips, resulting in a pear shaped figure. Fat also is seen accumulating at the back of the arms. There are only two sensible ways to change your body shape - eat less and exercise more!

  • We can’t and no one will stress enough how exercise is so important in not only losing weight but for other health benefits. Exercise helps to strengthen your heart, muscles, lungs and other internal systems, it improves posture, boosts metabolism, increases energy levels, stimulates mental performance and combats stress!

  • Be more active

  • Take the stairs instead of lift

  • Park your car further away to increase walking

  • Try fat burning workouts such as aerobics, swimming, running, and rope skipping.

  • Remember you don’t need fancy equipment, just motivation!

  • Remember before starting any form of exercise to do warm ups, stretches and after exercise session make sure you do cool down exercises.

  • Skin Detox

  • Giving your skin a thorough clean-out helps balance moisture, clear pores and gets rid of dead skin cells, resulting in a smooth and fresh skin surface. To cleanse you skin use exfoliation methods and skin brushing, this will boost circulation, stimulate the elimination of toxins through lymphatic system and speed skin renewal. It will also breakdown/prevent cellulite.

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  1. thanks for sharing information i will try it INSHALLAH

    on Mar 16 2014 5:27AM Report Abuse SALIHA SHUAIB
  2. its nice

    on Oct 18 2010 12:11AM Report Abuse AYESHA NOMANI
  3. very tiering diet should it b easy

    on May 4 2010 2:01AM Report Abuse ANAM
  4. I have acidity problems how do I do with just water on the first day of detox? I work full time too so is there a variation I could do with?

    on Apr 20 2010 8:06AM Report Abuse NIMA
  5. but if someone is vegetarian then

    on Mar 22 2010 1:41AM Report Abuse Guest
  6. plz suggest me for the exercise for dietebese im very thank ful to u because i m a housewife and want someexercise

    on Mar 9 2010 3:05AM Report Abuse Guest
  7. Thanks alot for giving such an article , well i will request you to show uo exercise steps if you can

    on Mar 9 2010 12:15AM Report Abuse Guest
  8. thankyou very much your artical is very helpful for me

    on Mar 8 2010 10:29AM Report Abuse Guest
  9. Thanks seems really workable

    on Mar 3 2010 6:41PM Report Abuse CHANDA013
  10. very nice n brief article ... really like it n wud lov to try it ... but do i have to combine all the food day by day in my eating regime or should left the food as the day pass by ... ?plz answer if any1 know ..thankz for the diet plan n all the useful information

    on Mar 3 2010 11:40AM Report Abuse Guest
  11. this is very good article that can help all those who would try it. would appreciate if few terms including exfoliation methods and skin brushing are explained to facilitate simple level readers

    on Feb 26 2010 5:36AM Report Abuse Guest
  12. thanks a lot for giving this artical ,this is correct it will give benifit to every body...........

    on Feb 10 2010 3:52AM Report Abuse Guest
  13. thanks a lot for your innovative article. i am sure it will benefit millions. May allah give more progress to this site. amen. farhana farooq. gulisan-e-jauhar . karachi.

    on Feb 9 2010 10:52AM Report Abuse Guest
  14. it has been an excellent way to educate people in such a simple way.thank u for such an effort.!

    on Feb 9 2010 9:09AM Report Abuse Guest
  15. on 7th day you advise to take fish but what about veg. people who do not eat fish . otherwise the program is quite informative. rekha (india)

    on Feb 8 2010 11:53PM Report Abuse Guest
  16. hi,i m 29 years old n i had 3 sezerians and after that i have big tummy is your diet helps me to reduse my tummy??? i'll start this from tommorrow thanks for such a nice information. ani (Bahrain)

    on Feb 8 2010 6:38PM Report Abuse Guest
  17. ccoooolll!interesting one...thanku very much.Keep sharing this type of work.

    on Feb 8 2010 3:13PM Report Abuse Guest
  18. Your information is very useful for everybody. I am 64 year old lady. I have a very dry skin. I live in Hyderabad. I weigh 67 kgs. Height is 4.10"I want to reduce my weight in natural way and control my wrinkles. Specially on forehead and forearms. I am not so rich to go to beauty parlous too. Please give me some suggestions. Thanx a lot for your diet program I will try my best to follow it. Sumathi

    on Feb 8 2010 5:02AM Report Abuse Guest
  19. am gng to start it frm today

    on Feb 8 2010 3:01AM Report Abuse Guest
  20. thank you so much for giving that useful information::::)

    on Feb 8 2010 2:39AM Report Abuse Guest
  21. plz tel how to make spice and herbal tea

    on Feb 7 2010 3:50PM Report Abuse Guest
  22. Thank u very much - im so glad that i am a member of this fabulous website - again lots of thankz hopefully you will keep on sharing important great tips 4 us about detox and healthy lifesyle. plz plz tell ,e how 2 get smart in 5 months - thank u - i'l be checking your website regulary - and your no.1 fan - :) luv umera

    on Feb 7 2010 11:23AM Report Abuse Guest
  23. thiis is v good but u give me good diet plane for my reduce belly thanks a lots

    on Feb 7 2010 10:55AM Report Abuse Guest
  24. thanks for providing such a helful information

    on Feb 7 2010 10:10AM Report Abuse Guest

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