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Articles >> Everyday Cooking articles > 25 Recipe Ideas With Mince Meat (Keema)

25 Recipe Ideas With Mince Meat (Keema)

25 Recipe Ideas With Mince Meat (Keema)
Mincemeat (keema) is a versatile and cheap ingredient to use and enjoy. There are an abundant number of mincemeat recipes around the world, each mincemeat recipe uses mince differently, adding its own distinct flavour, taste and look. We give you 20-25 different mincemeat recipe ideas to help you decide how else you can use mincemeat.
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  • Mince is versatile, cheap and very tasty. Make comforting mince pie, cook a batch of chilli con carne, try our veggie mince recipes or make homemade burgers.

  • 1 - Koftay (Meatballs)

    Recipe of Chef Tahira Mateen!
    Koftay are a traditional Pakistani recipe, popular for big family dinners, mince meatballs are cooked in a wonderful masala sauce (gravy), that is served with rice, roti, or naan.
    Get the Video of Koftay (Meatballs) Recipe

    2 - Cheese Burgers

    Classic Burgers Recipe!
    Use steak mince to make these delicious burgers, even tastier with cheese filling. Cheese burgers have become a fast food meal across the world, yet are easy to make at home, so why not try making these yummy cheese burgers for the family?
    Get the Cheese Burgers Recipes

    3 - Bolognese (Pasta with Bolognese)

    Bolognese is a traditional Italian dish, meatballs are cooked in a tasty tomato sauce and tossed on a bed of spaghetti (pasta). Try this great recipe, where Khanapakana user Sabrina says: "Great with the sauce. Amazing taste and great source of vitamins B".
    Get the Bolognese (Pasta with Bolognese) Recipes

    4 - Pasta Bake

    Only 10 Mins’ Prep!
    بیک پاسٹا Pasta Bake is convenient dish that can readily feed a large, hungry family. KhanaPakana user Sidra says: “Yum. It went down a storm. I wasn't sure about the mince but it worked really well together. Very easy to make”.
    Get the Urdu Recipe Pasta Bake

    5 - Kofta Kabab with Sauce

    Recipe of Chef Mehboob!
    Uses mince to make healthy meatballs. Serve up this delicious kofta kabab with sauce that is meatballs in a delicious flavoursome sauce that is perfect for serving with roti or plain fried rice.
    Get the Video of Kofta Kabab with Sauce Recipe

    6 - Meatballs with Tomato Paste

    With a Bread and Tomatoes!
    This is rich, flavoursome recipe. Kids and adults love the bread on these tasty, meatballs, delicious served with roasted spuds.
    Get the Urdu Recipe Meatballs with Tomato Paste

    7 - Potato with Minced Meat

    Healthy Recipe of Chef Mehboob Khan!
    This super satisfying taste great with potato - the perfect winter warmer. Made with mutton minced meat and ginger garlic paste, this minced meat recipe is delicious with potatoes.
    Get the English Recipe Potato with Minced Meat

    8 - Methi Qeema (Fenugreek Mince)

    Fenugreek Mince is a very popular simple and easy-to-make curry. Generally cooked in the major sub-continent region of India and Pakistan. A delicious winter warmer with an Indian flavour. Great with naan bread and rice.
    Get the Urdu Recipe Methi Qeema (Fenugreek Mince)

    9 - Chilli Fries

    It's a meal kid’s love and you can spice them up with a variety of things. Khanapakana user Tabbasum says: “This is one of our favourite recipes - it is great! Thanks.”
    Get the English Recipe Chilli Fries

    10 - Mince Lamb with Coriander

    Masala TV Channel!
    Flavoursome dish is presented to you that you can easily try out at home, full of spices and aroma, mince lamb is cooked beautifully with coriander that is perfect.
    Get the Video of Mince Lamb with Coriander Recipe

    11 - Lasagne

    Recipe of Chef Tahira Mateen!
    Looking for a proper lasagne recipe? Then look no further as Farah Jahanzeb Khan brings a very authentic lasagna recipe that will satisfy all tastebuds.
    Get the English Recipe Lasagne

    12 - Seekh Kebab

    Seekh Kebab made of minced meat with spices and grilled on skewers. It is cooked in a Tandoor, and is often served with chutneys or mint sauce. It is often included in tandoori sampler platters, which contain a variety of tandoor cooked dishes.
    Get the Seekh Kebab Recipes

    13 - Mutabbaq And Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

    Mutabbak or Murtabak is similar to a stuffed bread with eggs and mincemeat that is pan fried. Delicious and ideal to serve in Ramadan, at a tea party or even to have as a lunch time snack.
    Get the Video of Mutabbaq And Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Recipe

    14 - Colourful Keema Biryani

    The famous and widely eaten any time of the day throughout Indian-subcontinent recipe of Colourful Biryani. Make at home tonight and enjoy with entire family.
    Get the Urdu Recipe Colourful Keema Biryani

    15 - Mince Samosa (Keema kai Samosay)

    Great for Iftaar!
    Delicious Mince Samosa made of refined flour. Its a very tasty and yummy snack and you can serve it with your tea with any kind of dip.
    Get the Urdu Recipe Mince Samosa (Keema kai Samosay)

    16 - Wedding Cutlets

    Wedding Lovely Recipe!
    Wedding Cutlets are easy and fast and so good. Here is a healthier way to make them, tastier too. The potato and spices give it a special flavour. Must try this recipe your family will love it.
    Get the Urdu Recipe Wedding Cutlets

    17 - Shab -E- Daig

    Mutoon Flavoured Taste!
    Shab e Daig is a kashmiri food it comes from one of the northernmost regions of India and is famous worldwide due to the increased use of spices in the food items. Shab e daig is loved by many people.
    Get the Urdu Recipe Shab e Daig

    18 - Meat Puff With Khajur Ki Chutney

    Quick Snack!
    This interesting meat puff recipe combines ground beef mixture with spring onions,spices and sauce.They are truly a great pleasure serve with date sauce and they can be freeze for a quick appetizer for unexpected company.
    Get the Urdu Recipe Meat Puff With Khajur Ki Chutney

    19 - Daas Keema (Sindhi Dish)

    Mouth Watering Recipe for Ramadan!
    In this recipe main ingredient is mince. This is very delicious recipe for Suhoor in the Holy month Ramadan. You can serve this recipe with Parathas.
    Get the Urdu Recipe Daas Keema (Sindhi Dish)

    20 - Flower Blossom

    Great for Guest Party!
    Flower Blossom is a perfect recipe for your next party. These are truly delicious, and will fly off the plate, you will get raves from your guests.
    Get the Urdu Recipe Flower Blossom

    21 - Stuffed Palwal (Potoler Dolma)

    Simply Yummy!
    Khanapakana user Sabeen says: "I am in love with this Potoler Dolma recipe. Whenever I have Pakistani friends visiting I always prepare Potoler Dolma which is most loved by them".
    Get the English Recipe Stuffed Palwal (Potoler Dolma)

    22 - Meat Loaf

    Served with Sauce!
    Meat Loaf is a dish of ground meat formed into a loaf shape and baked or smoked. The loaf shape is formed by either cooking it in a loaf pan, or forming it by hand on a flat baking dish. It is usually made from ground beef.
    Get the English Recipe Meat Loaf

    23 - Scotch Eggs

    Picnic Best Bar Snack Food!
    A Scotch egg consists of a shelled hard-boiled egg, wrapped in a sausage mincemeat mixture, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. Scotch eggs are commonly eaten cold, typically with salad and bread.
    Get the Scotch Eggs Recipes

    24 - Mexican Enchiladas And Mexican Burritos

    Mexico Cuisine!
    Mexican enchiladas is a delcious dish, a spicy mincemeat filling with cheese wrapped in tortillas. Mexican burritos is another delicious Mexican dish that you can serve with enchiladas and create a complete meal.
    Get the Video of Mexican Enchiladas And Mexican Burritos Recipe

    25 - Mamtou Special

    Contribution of Khalid Naeem!
    Steamed dishes is inspired by restaurants across the world. It has an amazing taste so treat your friends to this pot steamed minced bread and let them know its taste.
    Get the English Recipe Mamtou Special

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