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Career Counseling Changing Lanes

Career Counseling Changing Lanes
What comes to your mind when you think about career? The career information on this article has been contributed by professionals from in the region of the world who really desire to share their experience to help jobseekers.
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  • When one is driving a car & is about to change lanes, the correct thing to do is to look, indicate & then make the move. Recklessly turning into a lane can prove to be hazardous to yourself & those travelling beside and behind you. This analogy also works for switching careers or jobs; how does one do it the right way?

  • For both employers and employees one of the most important aspects of parting ways is the issue of ethics: how an employer treats his/her employee, and vice versa, during this time is crucial in terms of keeping their image for both parties. It is important for an employer because it makes the company an attractive place to work for; and attracting qualified and better personnel becomes that much easy. For employees, the ethics of leaving a job are not as simple or easy for that matter.

  • Employees carry with them the inner workings and secrets of an organization. Strategies, formulations, work plans, finances, all of these aspects are crucial for a workplace. An employee can be privy to any or all of the above-mentioned information; which is why the question of ethics involved on the part of an employee leaving an organization comes into play.

  • Lower-end employees are usually let go easily; however, the case is not the same for those who are privy to sensitive information. Usually, much like a marriage pre-nuptial, an agreement is worked into their contract or company policy when they sign up. Should a sensitive employee leave, & is not retained by the organization, companies usually provide a considerable package & legally prohibit employee from joining rival companies within the industry.

  • For example, suppose high level employee is leaving a very large, international, bank. The bank will pay out a substantially large bonus to the employee so that for certain period of time they refrain from joining any other rival bank. Thereby, during that mentioned time period the bank will re-track & re-structure so that sensitive information the employee had would either be redundant or not be as sensitive anymore.

  • The question of ethics also comes into play when high-level employees do leave, & take a substantially large amount of company bonus with them, an amount that could possibly have been given to the hardworking front line employees. Such an aspect came into view amid the global recession, when a certain prestigious bank had to let go one of its top level employees. The bank paid a record amount to the employee, causing great public outcry.

  • For employees, great tact & sensibility is important when they are resigning & leaving the company. Firstly, they should act professionally and keep their intentions of resigning to themselves. They should not share their reasons for leaving even with their colleagues.

  • Secondly, once they have resigned, they should keep in mind that they carry with them important information with regards to the ex-employer.

  • The unethical way would be to use that very information against the ex-employer, should they join to a rival company, which is usually not an ethical way to go about things. This is a short-term success tactic that will undermine employees’ reputation within industry they work in. As the saying goes, ‘what goes around comes around’ and the world we live in is continually becoming a smaller place. Reputation about an individual and word-of-mouth can catch up fast & before s/he knows it, s/he might be known as employee who undermines his/her own company by using its weaknesses against others.

  • Although they do say that the corporate world is a jungle out there, it's important to realize that in order to reach higher on the ladder of success; one should not overstep the ethical line to get there. Hard work and determination are the best ways reach to the top.

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