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Articles >> Health articles > Mango Allergy Symptoms And Treatment to Mango Allergy

Mango Allergy Symptoms And Treatment to Mango Allergy

Mango Allergy Symptoms And Treatment to Mango Allergy
Many people who suffers from allergies specially food allergy, do not know that they are sensitive from eating that specific food. This article is all about mango allergy. Must read and aware yourself.
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  • A mango allergy is an unfavorable reaction by the immune system of the body against mango or food which contain mango. Urushiol is the substance which is responsible of causing mango allergy. It is not only found in mangoes but also found in other trees. This allergy is very rare and serious reactions happen rarely. The most common symptoms of mango allergy among patients e.g. skin, respiratory as well as behavioral symptoms.

  • Symptoms Of Mango Allergy

  • Symptoms and sign which found in mango allergy are runny nose, itchy eyes, cough, hives, asthma, tongue and lips swelling, throat swelling, nausea, diarrhea, itching etc.

  • Treatment of Mango Allergy

  • Household things that may help to get rid from mango allergy:

  • • Soap

  • • Hydrogen Peroxide

  • • Vinegar

  • • Toothpaste

  • • Clean Water

  • 1) Wash your affected area with soap or toothpaste within ten minutes after exposure to urushiol. Urushiol is not water soluble. In this case timing is extremely vital. Urushiol can takes anyplace from minutes to hours to bind to the supermolecule of the skin membranes, and turn into an allergic reaction when bonded with the epidermis of skin, urushiol oxidizes into a chemical compound and is not possible to get rid of with soap or toothpaste alone. It is necessary to clean the exposed areas with soap or toothpaste as early as possible.

  • 2) Soak a cotton or kitchen towel with vinegar and hold it onto the exposed areas for a couple of minutes. Try this many times daily.

  • Urshiol is an alkaline oil. Since vinegar is an acid, applying vinegar to the affected areas can in result neutralize the alkalinity of urshiol.

  • 3) Soak a cotton or kitchen towel with hydrogen peroxide and hold it onto the exposed areas for many minutes. Try this many times each day.

  • 4) Moisten the exposed areas with clean water many times each day. Both vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can cause drying, flaking, scabbing or perhaps bleeding on the exposed areas. However, this step will prevent this condition from occurring.

  • Safety Precautions

  • Before eating, wash mangoes properly with tap water and peel off mango skin is a good precaution to avoid from mango allergy. As urshiol is present on leaves and easily transfer on the mango fruit surface and when it touches on the lips or skin it reacts badly.

  • Note: Consult from doctor if your condition fails to improve even after per week.

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