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Traditional Pakistani Desserts

Traditional Pakistani Desserts
The happening life of Pakistan is full of celebrations and festivals. Whether it’s a wedding in the family, Eid or some other festival or celebration, there’s always a big hearty serving of traditional desserts and sweets.
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  • The happening life of Pakistan is full of celebrations and festivals. Whether it’s a wedding in the family, Eid or some other festival or celebration, there’s always a big hearty serving of traditional desserts and sweets. Pakistani desserts and sweets are mainly milk and sugar based. Some are wet and some are dry, some eaten hot and some cold. In Pakistan, no celebration or festival is complete without any one of the following traditional desserts:

    The glorified dessert of Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr. Kheer has been around for 2000 years now, and is known for different names in different parts of the world, which differs slightly in recipe. In Pakistan kheer is made of milk, rice, sugar and fragranced with green cardamom, kewra or saffron. Kheer is generally milky in colour and smooth in texture. Since kheer is so popular and around for so long that different variations of kheer has generated, like “Gajrella” and “Firni”. Firni is made exactly like kheer, with the slight difference of using rice flour instead of rice, and is a lot smoother than kheer. Gajrella is also made exactly like kheer, with the addition of grated carrots in it which adds a lovely fruity flavour to it. Kheer is poured in clay bowls to set and cool, which adds nice earthy flavour to it.


    After the Salah of Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslims run home to awaiting hot breakfast dessert “Sheer Khurma”. Sheer khurma is made of milk, vermicelli, sugar, nuts, dry fruit, ghee and fragranced with cardamom, kewra or saffron. Sheer khurma is usually milky golden in colour and can be thin or medium thick depending on the cooking method. Sheer khurma is enjoyed hot.


    Zarda and gur waly chawal are the treat of 12th Rabi-ul-Awal in celebration of birth of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).  Muslims of Pakistan prepare sweet rice either zarda or gur waly chawal in celebration and send it off to family, friends and neighbors. Zarda is made of rice, sugar, dry fruit, nuts, yellow food colour and sometimes spices like cloves and cinnamon. Gur waly chawal are made with exactly the same ingredients with the exception of using jaggery instead of sugar and no food colour since jiggery has its own brownish colour. Zarda and gur waly chawal, both are enjoyed warm.


    Halwa is many types of dense, sweet confections. It is very well cooked food ingredient with or without milk, but mostly has a handsome quantity of sugar and ghee. There is a variety of popular halwas in Pakistan. Some simple enough halwas are made at home like carrot halwa, pumkin halwa, gram lentil halwa, yellow lentil halwa, semolina halwa, gram flour halwa etc. Most of these home cooked halwas are enjoyed warm with a topping of cream if desired. Other popular halwas like sohan halwa and habshee halwa are bought form the sweet shops since they are so difficult to prepare and they are enjoyed cold as a sweet. Some halwas have qualified as a specialty like carrot halwa is the star of winter weddings and semolina halwa is considered to be exotic breakfast in Pakistan and enjoyed with purries. Making halwa takes a lot of time and work and is always prepared in large quantities. Winter season is always touched with aromas of halwa.


    Ras malai is an innovative dessert derived from rasgulla sweet. It originated in north-east subcontinent present Bangladesh a long time ago and is such a one of a kind delicious dessert that its popularity spread out through Subcontinent like wild fire. Ras malai is white, soft and velvety balls cooked in creamy milk. Ras malai is made with paneer curd, milk, sugar and fragranced with cardamom, saffron, kewra or rosewater. Ras malai is enjoyed cold.


    Hyderabad has its own name in coming up with some of the best dishes and desserts of Subcontinent like shahi tukray. Shahi Tukray is fried bread slices lightly cooked or soaked in thick, sweet, fragranced and creamy milk full of nuts and dry fruit. So simple and yet so delicious. Shahi tukray is soft bread in creamy milk and its colour is creamy gold. Shahi tukray is prepared in no more than half an hour for its simple yet delicious recipe and enjoyed cold.


    Kulfa is the ice-cream of Subcontinent. Only it’s more dense and creamier. Over the time, kulfa has introduced various flavours, but the popular kulfa is still the traditional kulfa. Kulfa is made by cooking and evaporating sweetened flavoured milk on low heat while stirring to keep it from burning. When the milk is reduced to half of its quantity, it is frozen to form cold kulfa. Common kulfa flavours are almonds, pistachios, saffron, khoya and cardamom. Kulfa is the popular dessert of weddings in summer.

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